Monday, February 28, 2011

New Sprouts!

I started four different sprouts on Feb. 24th and they are ready I do believe!

The new types I am trying this week are the Sandwich Booster Blend (Alfalfa, Red Clover, Radish and canola), alfalfa and red clover on their own. These I sprouted in trays with paper towels and just a gallon freezer bag draped over the top.

I rinsed 2 to 3 times a day in filtered water and used a strainer to catch the strays and put back in the tray when they drained.

I can see how warm days may produce some mold on these guys (not that we have had any lately.) In my Mumm's order was a sprout growing guide in a dial. There are warnings there about what to expect if they get too warm. I have a basement, but the rinsing regimen couldn't go on without a sink down there. Warm weather means things in the garden, so maybe not a lot of sprouting in the summer. Wow, glad that's solved!

I am using the jar method, by far my favorite, for the brassica blend of broccoli, broccoli-rahb, mustard and lentils. I didn't use a lot of seeds in this batch, so there wasn't the "over-growth" of the batch of salad blend I made for my first sprout experience.

Rinsing and draining are the most important steps to healthy sprouts. I don't think I can emphasize that enough!

These nutrient rich little babes pack a punch for our health. Fresh is best and where I live, sprouts are about the only truly "fresh" vegetable we get here this time of year. Last Friday it was 35 below zero, and I speak F, not C. The little 10-12 mph breeze sent that down to the -50's, not a lotta green out there.

I think I found my cure for spring fever. Just the sight of those little leaves of alfalfa and red clover makes me smile! Even the root starts are rewarding, white, vigorous, poking their way out of the hull.

Thank you Jenny, Food Renegade and Mike Adams for the inspiration and the kick in the butt to return to SOLE.

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