Friday, February 25, 2011

Sprouts for Life!

How about the sprouts? Well, the first attempt had great success. The salad blend had alfalfa, red clover, broccoli and radish seeds. The Jar method was employed for that. A bit of netting secured with a rubber band was all that was needed. The jar was completely full and popping out the top 5 days later. They are spicy/hot and added a great kick to the salad we had a couple nights ago. A makeshift tray method was used for the alfala sprouts. I need to revamp that method, especially since JD brought home some more of those drawer organizers from work the other day. The sprouts "stuck" to the felt pad I had at the bottom of the tray. It was also awkward to rinse the sprouts without a good straining top with small enough holes. This method requires a bit more research. The sprouts are so fresh and full of flavor, sweet and so good!

People wonder how sprouts could have so many more nutrients than the actual plants they produce eventually. That "germ" in the seeds contains all the nutrients and has a buttload of protein, enzymes etc for enhanced health. My favorite article on sprouts helped me a lot in making the decision to spend nearly $60 on the sprouting seeds and legumes.

I am thinking "green smoothies" with sprouts, Alive Pea Protein Powder and kefir would make an awesome combination for a drinkable salad. I might make a kefir salad dressing with a combination of herbs for a slaw with sprouts. Mixed greens, spinach and the salad blend with just olive oil drizzled over them was delicious and I felt so clean afterward. It was like a neti pot for the tummy.

Today the brassica blend with its mustard and broccoli seeds are calling my name. The jar method seems to be the best for my skill level. I hope to learn more today about creating a home made tray method. It is a sick day for me. (antithetical, but caring for the grandkids last Sunday and Monday took its toll.) I have a lymph node the size on an egg on the right side of my neck. I am going to rest, which is what my body demands, and shrink that bugger!

As I was naming off seeds to JD while going through the sprouting treasure box I got last week, he laughed and said "Sounds like the weeds I sprayed!" ... hopefully none of that spray is on these sprout seeds! Mumm's has a good ethic and strong belief in the organics. I doubt there is any spray of insecticide or pesticide on these little darlings.

On a side note, last Friday I was in another small community. I love their grocery store! The organic selection is great. I picked up some onions, broccoli, avocados and kiwi that are organic. The meat dept. at this IGA is also wonderful. The beef isn't full of red dye and as I was looking over the choices I found LIVER! Guess what was for supper that night! JD and I feasted on a huge bunch of sauteed organic red onions, a tad of maple bacon, liver powdered lightly with sea salt, triple berry blend pepper and Wheat Montana Prairie Gold flour sauteed in the mass of olive oil, butter and bacon grease left over from the onions. Ohhhh it was delicious! Son in law loved it, granddaughter loved it, youngest daughter didn't, wouldn't, refused even a bite and left the main floor to escape the smell. Hey, liver isn't for everyone! I just made her take an extra Alive with iron and put a sublingual B 12 under her tongue when she finally emerged from below with a can of orange air spray. har har!

Liver seems to be something our bodies crave, especially this time of year. The iron and B complex vitamins it contains are part of the craving, but my intuition tells me that the enzymes in liver are another thing that our bodies say "Ahhhh, thank you!" for receiving. The same with the sprouts. Now youngest daughter has a real acceptance of sprouts. She told her friend and her friend's daughter that sprouts make your mouth happy. Linz, the daughter, said "Doritos make my mouth happy"...sometimes we just can't win, but we continue to put forth the effort, since I don't see good nutrition, whole foods and probiotics as a game as much as I see it as an act of civil disobedience toward the corporate food/pharmaceutical/political monolith. I work hard to NOT buy their products, and am at about 75% SOLE with Hutterite poultry, eggs, Montana grains, some beef, wild game and online ordering as food sources. I want to eventually only go to the store for chips to munch on during the Daytona 500.

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