Friday, February 25, 2011

Probiotic Energy

It's been two weeks since the kefir grains arrived (view the post from my other blog and this post). Things are "developing" well in that department. I realized that I am still in the "grain feeding" stage of this process. I now have 3 grains that are about 3/4" in diameter and are fluffing up nicely! The reading I have been doing seems to indicate that the grains take about 6 weeks to get to "full size" and will be dividing along the way. I got the link to Michael Patterson's video series on kefir. He seems to like the separated and curdy stuff. I am inclined to the smoother, more "homogenized" drink.

I have been making a pitcher of blended fruit. I started with berries and kefir, but my gut still was doing what it does... >:-( and that doing was still mucous filled. This week I switched to a blend of pineapple, mango, peaches and strawberries frozen from Schwann's. I know, poor choice, but better than what is available at our local gouge and grab (your $$) grocery. Fresh and organic would be better but it's 28 below zero out there right now, so not an option. "Fresh" fruits and vegetables are no where near fresh at this time of year here at the gouge and grab. Even summer fare gives us last summer's crop. Their frozen possibilities all are tasteless and lacking too, not to mention a quick label read shows hfcs added to the frozen fruit. At least Schwann's has no sugar added in any of the fruit and all are quick frozen with a bit of ascorbic acid. I add that to my frozen fruits too, so it's close to "okay".

Any way, I digress...The new fruit combo, 1 c. kefir and 1 c. yogurt all have joined to make my gut healthy again! I drink half before bed and half in the morning. I learned that I lack motivation in the morning to blend up this treat. The kefir needs to be strained and refreshed every evening. I make the smoothie for that evening and the next morning right after tending to the kefir. No excuses, and who doesn't want to start the day, or end it for that matter, with a delicious smoothie that is so tasty that the most critical of yogurt/kefir haters will actually enjoy it. (Tested on family members who turn their nose up at my crazy food.)

I am quite happy with the kefir, and am delighted that the combo of home fermented kefir and home cultured yogurt are leveling out my IBS symptoms. For many years we called our fridge the "genesis machine" since we grew new life in there...mold mostly. It has been a joke around here and now has converted to life growing on the counter, but its a healthy form of life that we don't mind eating!

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